Small Group Studies

Small Group Studies are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30-8:30 pm. Please view the information below to see what day your group meets on, and the facilitators (Ministers and Deacons) of your group. Please use the zoom link below to join your small group study on your designated day.     




A-B: Pauline Ramirez, Robert Dotson, Michael James, Ken Steward 

Meeting ID: 876 0802 6243 

Passcode: 855730 

E-G: John Horigan III, Letitia Wynn, Steve Montero, Ron Yates 

Meeting ID: 822 8199 1145 

Passcode: 671658 

J-K: Jeanetta Mitchell, Glenn Telemaque, Ezekiel Mosely, Bobby Mitchell 

Meeting ID: 860 6172 6167 

Passcode: 588729 

N-O: Ismael Nieves, Eleanor Nieves, Wavie Alloway 

Meeting ID: 822 5397 4160 

Passcode: 702687 

V-Z: Leslie Westbrook, Terence Westbrook 

Meeting ID: 825 3221 2156 

Passcode: 539717 


C-D: Calvin Lucas, Henrietta Lucas, Andre Bossieux, Rufus McWilliams 

Meeting ID: 813 0786 2552 

Passcode: 920071 

H-I: Lois Williams, Liliana Sandoval, Roberto Sandoval, David Medley 

Meeting ID: 816 0663 9013 

Passcode: 081514 

L-M: Andre DeVant, Kersandra DeVant, Charles Fryson, Abayomi Owei 

Meeting ID: 847 1096 7195 

Passcode: 442822 


P-R: Avis Hinkson, Eddie Kelley, Orlan Staten, Willie Davis 

Meeting ID: 857 5875 0652 

Passcode: 862206 

S-U: Tome Ford, Don Johnson, Alvin Johnson, Ziggy Zeigler 

Meeting ID: 847 2516 5114 

Passcode: 560677 

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